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Australian Spatial Analytics are now undertaking design work for Ventia, one of the largest essential service providers across Australian and New Zealand.

Specifically, the team commenced work with the Queensland Telecommunications business to undertake design work on the NBN project.  ASA’s analysts are currently working on ‘As Built Designs’ which are the revised set of drawings that a subcontractor submits upon completion of a project factoring in all modifications and changes required during the build.

According to ASA General Manager Geoff Smith, engaging an organisation like Australian Spatial Analytics can be mutually beneficial.

“The team are thoroughly enjoying the work and it will make an enormous difference to their lives,” Geoff said,

“With this, there is great alignment with our business in data analysis that suits the ASA team’s areas of focus, and we are delighted to have commenced working with them on this project”, said Matthew Swan who is the Senior Project Manager ODM in Queensland for Ventia.

To read the full article announcing the partnership from Ventia: https://www.ventia.com/news-and-insights/social-enterprise-targeting-young-spatial-analysts